Family courts of Pakistan have been established and working to resolve the litigation in this regard. Punjab Law Company’s lawyers are busy in this regard. The courts are deciding the suits wit… Read More


Taxation is a term in which mandatory financial charges from each business entity and it is levied imposed on each citizen and taxpayer. Taxation depends upon the individuals or corporate. It is basically to help the government so that they serve the people in a different way. This Taxation system practically applies into all levels of countries. A systematic taxation should consists on these important factors and Principles are faring, adequacy, simplicity, Transparency and… Read More


Revenue matters means those matters which related to land and the same are being deal with the revenue courts and the revenue courts are pertain to tehsildar, assistant collector, collector, district collec… Read More


We deal all kind of insurance claim. i.e. Life insurance, Theft insurance, Fire insurance etc. All kind of claims of insurance including legal notice, suit in the competent court and the execution of the court order against the insur… Read More


Our law firm deals with all kind of criminal matters i.e. theft, fraud, misuse of property, illegal transfer of property, cheating, cheating public at large, immigration frauds, illegal possession of property, criminal assault, dishonor of cheque, dishonor of promissory note, cyber crime, forgery, etc. In Pakistan, to deal th… Read More


We deal all kind of civil matters i.e. suite for declaration and permanent injunction, suit for cancellation of documents, suit for possession, suite for ejectment, suite relat… Read More


In Pakistan all civil courts have jurisdictions to take cognizance and trial of all kind of dispute regarding CNIC and all kind of correction of  NADRA data / record. All kind of criminal matters regarding NADRA special courts have been setup to resol… Read More


The NAB is basically an investigation agency who only deal with the matters related to cheating public at large, financial crimes, misuse of authority and having assets beyond the means. We proud of our senior members of our law firm Mr. Haroon-Ur-Rasheed  Cheema Advocate High Court (Alias Mother of the NAB), Ex… Read More


To incorporate all kinds of companies i.e. single member company, other private limited company and public limited company of Pakistan, the department of Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has its setup to do the need… Read More


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FIA cases and others electronic crimes. Anybody aggrieved from any sms, email, phone call, social media like whatsapp, facebook etc…. Read More


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