The NAB is basically an investigation agency who only deal with the matters related to cheating public at large, financial crimes, misuse of authority and having assets beyond the means. We proud of our senior members of our law firm Mr. Haroon-Ur-Rasheed  Cheema Advocate High Court (Alias Mother of the NAB), Ex-Deputy Prosecutor General NAB, Ex-District Attorney Punjab, Mr. Rana Abdul Shakoor Khan Advocate Supreme Courts of Pakistan, Ex-Legal Consultant of NAB Rawalpindi / Lahore, Ex-Chairman Drug Court, Lahore, Ex-Member Punjab Bar Council and Ex-Deputy Attorney General for Pakistan, Lahore. Both lawyers are providing guidance and advice to all legal team of Punjab Law Company under their keen control.

Anybody want feel free to take any advice or consultation about all NAB mattes subject to reasonable fee at Punjab Law Company

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