We deal all kind of insurance claim. i.e. Life insurance, Theft insurance, Fire insurance etc. All kind of claims of insurance including legal notice, suit in the competent court and the execution of the court order against the insurance companies and in favor of the insured person.

In case the insurance company get money from the innocent persons, our firm submit criminal case against the insurance company before the investigation agency as well as before the security and exchange commission of Pakistan. Insurance laws in Pakistan are strict in favor of the insured person but the people have no awareness for application of the relevant laws against the insurance companies. In Pakistan, insurance tribunals have been established and in this regard powers have been assigned to every Additional District Judge– 1 in each district of the Punjab.

Moreover, the insured person has right to submit his complaint of his grievance before insurance tribunal/ADJ-1, insurance ombudsman and SECP as provided in the laws.

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