Our law firm deal with all kind of criminal matters i.e. theft, fraud, misuse of property, illegal transfer of property, cheating, cheating public at large, immigration frauds,illegal possession of property, criminal assault, dishonor of cheque, dishonor of promissory note, cyber crime, forgery etc. In Pakistan, to deal the criminal cases, various departments and investigation agencies have their setup. For example, National Accountability Buru of Pakistan (NAB), Federal Investigating Agency (FIA), Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE), Punjab Police etc. All the said agencies have their own setups as well as force for application and information of the relevant law to readdress the grievance of the aggrieved persons.

Our legal team has expertise and competency to take up all kinds of criminal cases from initial stage i.e. bail matters, trial and palette work up to supreme court of Pakistan.

We feel proud to advice the poor and weak peoples of the society without any fee or remuneration. Now a days through Facebook, sms including all mods of internet criminals are committing crime and in this regard various peoples are suffering worries as well as financial loss and they do not know regarding proper form of the redressed of the grievance. In this regard FIA has established a high profile sector under its control and this department is resolving the matters of the aggrieved persons.

if you need advice regarding any Crimnal matters contact with us at Punjab Law Company

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