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Copyrights Trademarks

Copyrights Trademarks

The most competent and expert of IPO Laws are available to provide services in this regard. Moreover, we have experts who are conducting criminal trial of IPO Laws in special court, Punjab, Lahore. We can provide you the best resolution of your problem in this regard. Registration of trademarks and judicial litigation.

We can help you in Copyrights Trademarks get in touch at Punjab Law Company

Revenue Matters

Revenue matters means those matters which related to land and the same are being deal with the revenue courts and the revenue courts are pertain to tehsildar, assistant collector, collector, district collector, additional commissioner revenue, commissioner and board of revenue.

In our office, so many matters related to revenue courts are being deal.

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Revenue Matters
Taxation Laws

Taxation Laws

Taxation is a term in which mandatory financial charge from each business entity and it is levied imposed on each citizen and taxpayer. Taxation depends upon the individuals or corporate. It is basically to help the government so that they Serves the people in a different ways. This Taxation system practically applies into all levels of countries. A systematic taxation should consists on these important factors and Principles are faring, adequacy, simplicity, Transparency and administrative ease. Taxes Plays a vital role to raise a country’s economy. It is used to produce more and more public expenditure. There are many governmental events and activities run by the taxation system. In the past few decade taxation system might be renowned during the 19th century, it is the most powerful idea which is mainly serves the government finance. It provides and facilitates and lessen the inequalities of this system. Taxation system provides the most compatible bridge between the each citizen and the government. In every society stabilization is more important in each system. It provides stabilization by tax policy. The taxation system is based on two classes of taxes. The direct and indirect classes, the Income tax and later in sales tax. A direct tax is totally related to the taxpayer’s ability to pay as Measured by income. The general sales tax is typically based on general public products like food and clothing and other materials. This general tax is very vast and wide range of products. We can be more digitalize and powerful by these principles.

  • Distribution of tax burdens

IN this principle, we divides the tax burdens in each individuals and each business entities. So that we can lessen the inequalities.

  • Horizontal equity

This is very useful agenda in taxation system. In this system, many funds are included to maintain the system and to create more opportunities.

  • Economic efficiency

By this taxation system,it improves the economy efficient. Through this, government give many opportunities to the lay man.

  • Stability

It can stable the economy and currency in all levels. Stability plays a very important role in developing society.

  • Convenience

To promote the taxation system, it provide convenience to the taxpayer’s. So that they can easily pay the taxes. It also requires higher ranking via this principle.

  • Economic goals

It can also provide the economic goals in different fields like in finance, property and consumption in economic growth.

  • Foreign trade

This taxation system gives opportunity to increase the foreign trade, to import and export the country products in different fields.

So, these are the few principles in which this system depends upon. Taxation system is highly recommended on those societies and countries in which financial institutions are responsible for these principles.

More than 50 percent government depends on taxation patterns. By this taxation patterns, it can develops the country and more capable to get strong and developing society. Similarly, another term of taxation is” tax credit refunds” it is the most powerful and very effective tool to lessen the poverty gap among people. This tool provides many options and opportunities to avail this system. In Canada this taxation applies levies in all levels throughout the country. So that they can lessen the in equalities.

Including Income Tax, Sales Tax, Federal Excise duty and Custom duty. Our  legal team pertain to legal experts and specialists of tax law firm To get NTN, STRN, Filing of Tax Return’s / Wealth Statements, to appear before the taxation officer / authorities for assessment and adjudication, to filing appeals before the appellate authorities up to Supreme Court is always present.

All refund matters of Income Tax / Sales Tax are being deal in our office tax law firm in Pakistan.

Our Tax lawyer services team is very much competent to tackle the matters of maladministration before the honorable Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO).

We can assist you in Taxation issues at Punjab Law Company

 Company Registration

To incorporate all kinds of companies i.e. single member company, other private limited company and public limited company of Pakistan, the department of Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has its setup to do the needful.

The incorporation / registration of the companies both modes are available to apply for registration which is manual or online. In previous Government the enforcement and cognizance of offences as committed by the companies, SECP remained silent but the present Government has activated this department for strict action against the culprits particularly and specifically against the money launderers.

In this regard, our team is always present for registration, de-registration and other corporate matters related to companies including legal litigation.

For Company Registration contact with us at Punjab Law Company

 Company Registration
NAB Matters

NAB Matters

The NAB is basically an investigation agency who only deal with the matters related to cheating public at large, financial crimes, misuse of authority and having assets beyond the means. We proud of our senior members of our law firm Mr. Haroon-Ur-Rasheed  Cheema Advocate High Court (Alias Mother of the NAB), Ex-Deputy Prosecutor General NAB, Ex-District Attorney Punjab, Mr. Rana Abdul Shakoor Khan Advocate Supreme Courts of Pakistan, Ex-Legal Consultant of NAB Rawalpindi / Lahore, Ex-Chairman Drug Court, Lahore, Ex-Member Punjab Bar Council and Ex-Deputy Attorney General for Pakistan, Lahore. Both lawyers are providing guidance and advice to all legal team of Punjab Law Company under their keen control.

Anybody want feel free to take any advice or consultation about all NAB mattes subject to reasonable fee at Punjab Law Company

 Family and Guardian

Family courts of Pakistan have been established and working to resolve the litigation in this regard. Punjab Law Company’s lawyers are busy in this regard. The courts are deciding the suits with summery trial and the Government has made setup of ADR who provide the facility of conciliation between the parties very expeditiously for providing justice.

Our team has expertise to deal the family cases like suit for dissolution of Marriage, suit for dowry articles, suit for recovery of maintenance allowance and suit for custody of minor.

Need help in Family and Guardian matters feel free to consult with Punjab Law Company

 Family and Guardian
Nadra Laws

Nadra Laws

In Pakistan all civil courts have jurisdictions to take cognizance and trial of all kind of dispute regarding CNIC and all kind of correction of  NADRA data / record. All kind of criminal matters regarding NADRA special courts have been setup to resolve the matters.

Our lawyers are very much busy to deal such kind of litigation as related to NADRA. We proud our courts as they providing expeditious remedies to aggrieved persons.

Get our professional lawyers help related to Nadra Law contact us at Punjab Law Company

Civil Matters

We deal all kind of civil matters i.e. suite for declaration and permanent injunction, suit for cancellation of documents, suit for possession, suite for ejectment, suite related to rent, suit related to partnership, suit for recovery, suit for division of property, damages suit etc.

In this regard, our legal team is much competent to deal and face the civil litigation form civil court up to Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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Civil Matters
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